2024 Diary For High School Teachers


This teaching resource is laid out as a diary. There is a Monday-Friday weekly diary on the left and a to do list with a notes section on the right hand page. There are 11 weeks in term 1, and 10 weeks in the following terms with the addition of school holiday weeks included in 2023's planner. There is also a term overview and a schedule specific to the term ahead.

  • A Mon-Fri full year dated diary (weekends in a small space at the bottom of the page - see image)
  • Term overview and timetable
  • A single page monthly calendar at the beginning
  • PD log + notes pages
  • Meeting notes pages
  • Name lists at the rear of the planner
  • Term tab dividers – $10 per book
  • Personalised cover – $10 per book
Tab Dividers:

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